Marketing Support & Downloads

At every stage of the sales process, we endeavor to make things as simple as possible. Because we know each of our customers have their own unique needs, identities and different customer bases, different approaches are required to sell our goods and we like to offer our help and advice wherever we can to maximize the success rate of our customer’s marketing strategies. That’s why we provide a variety of marketing solutions, so that you can find the match that fits your needs.

Planet Earth has a range of options available to you, from POS displays to leaflets and posters that capture the imagination of your customers.

For a more personalized approach, you can alter our artwork so that it suits your business – tailoring our marketing materials to incorporate your logo, branding and company image.

As our catalogue continues to expand we will continue to offer support for our brands, giving you the option to promote our products in store so that you can continue to maximize sales potential.