Drop Ship and Distribution

There are more opportunities to work with Planet Earth than ever before. Through this website you can explore a range of ways to do business with us that will best suit your needs.


We are now looking for distributors! Because we have exclusivity on many of the brands we sell, we are now looking for distributors across the globe to sell some of these fantastic brands.

If you would like to find out more, contact us now! + 44 1924 291022.


What is Dropshipping?
It’s a service we offer at Planet Earth whereby you can offer your customers products from our range that you don’t keep in stock.

How does it work?
You take the order from your customer and pass it on to us. We then dispatch the order to your customer for you – giving you an extra sale without any problems!

What Products do you Dropship?
Our entire product catalogue is available for dropship – it’s that simple!

What are the benefits of dropshipping?

  • Dropshipping gives you more scope to trial new lines, so that you can test them with your customers before investing in stock.
  • It helps with cash flow, because you don’t have to risk capital in bulk ordering products.
  • Online retailers benefit particularly because you can list our entire inventory without stocking a single product – letting us distribute them for you!
  • Get access to our established and exclusive brands, which cannot purchased anywhere else

What does it cost?
We simply charge an additional 10% to the wholesale product price plus the costs for packing and delivery – dependent on where we are sending the order to
This low rate of commission means you can still enjoy great margins by selling Planet Earth products.

Will it look like it has come from Planet Earth?
For your peace of mind, all dropship orders are dispatched with blank packing slips, so that customers won’t be aware of any link between your store and Planet Earth.


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