Customers selling within the EU are now subject to new legislation regarding the sale of products that contain herbal ingredients.

We are aware of these developments and can guide you through the legislation change, simplifying the requirements imposed by the EU so that you can continue to sell our products legally.

For a product to be regarded as a food supplement in the UK, its ingredients must be exempt of medicinal herbs and marketing materials must refrain from making any claims about the product. If the product is in violation of either of these terms then it must be registered.

Products that adhere to the aforementioned rules can be classified as a 'Food Supplement'. We recommend that 'Food Supplements' are sold on an 'availability only' platform. This means that the product is advertised for sale but no information is supplied about the product.

If you make claims about products which have been categorised as being a 'Food Supplement' you could be breaking the law; obviously this depends on the country in which you are operating your business.

Before making any claims about your products, we strongly suggest that you speak with your own regulatory agent before proceeding with any marketing campaigns. If you are having difficulties, we are pleased to assist with this matter and point you in the right direction.

Planet Earth (Logistics) cannot accept liability for any comments made by our customers relating to the products that we sell.