white label

Are you looking to launch your own exclusive products but aren’t sure how to go about getting things going? We offer White Label on our own exclusives, meaning that you get a great product that works and sells without the associated tooling costs and logistical problems.

Our Formula, Your Brand

If you have seen one of our exclusives that you like and think will work for you, we are open to helping you along the way.

Established Service

Planet Earth has a long history of helping to establish some of the very best global sexual health brands, white labeling a large range of products from male enhancement to female breast products.

Exclusive Products

Our long-running relationship with our global partners ensures that we are able to source and white label a large number of sexual health products. So, if what we have in stock isn’t for you, or you just want something a little extra to make your store unique, our contacts can match your ambitions.

Helping You All The Way

If you’re struggling with branding and packaging of your new product we also offer design services to ensure your labeling is right and your white labeled product looks as professional as possible.

Friendly Customer Service

Order online or over the phone Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm – 01924 291 022