About Us

Background to Planet Earth

Planet Earth is a wholesale company specialising in sexual health.

Formed in 2000, Planet Earth began life as a mail order business run by the company's CEO, Paul Boote, with a single exclusive product – VigRX.

After successfully introducing VigRX to Europe, the strength of the brand grew so much that Planet Earth began to seek out wholesalers and retailers to help distribute the product.

Today Planet Earth is an international wholesale company distributing many exclusive product ranges including natural products, sex toys and penis extenders.

We distribute to the UK and Europe

Situated in the heart of West Yorkshire, Planet Earth is ideally situated to service the north and south of the UK and Ireland and regularly ships to the continent from its depot in the UK.

Big on exclusive products

We are famous for introducing fantastic products into the UK and Europe and building their brands so that our customers can capitalize on market share. We pick quality products that work, maximizing your customer’s satisfaction which increases the chance that they keep coming back.

Here are just some of the brands we have secured and continue to develop, with a little bit of information to help you discover why you should be selling them:

The Ultimate Range

Six products designed to improve male libido. The Ultimate range is the leading range of natural male enhancement products, bringing together a collection of complementary products including libido boosters, a load-enhancer, a stimulating lubricant and two delay products that can increase sexual stamina. With a range of stunning POS available, the Ultimate range is leading the way in male enhancement today and will continue to do so for years to come.


For style, sport and sex, überlube is the most enhanced silicone lubricant formulation on the market today designed for bodies in motion. Made with medical grade silicone, überlube not only improves friction it also protects, making it the preferred choice of athletes looking to reduce chafing and swimmers wanting to protect their hair from chlorine. Where it comes into its own is in the bedroom, as this advanced formula promotes touch and when not in use evaporates quickly leaving the skin feeling moisturised.

Master Series

Master Series has become our most popular and largest brand. While certainly not for the faint of heart, this devious line includes domination tools that cover the spectrum of anal/vaginal dominance, chastity and sensation play.


Innovative products aimed at women, Svakom offers women a diverse range of toys that look and feel like nothing else on the market. A huge hit in the US, that success has transferred directly to the UK as consumers across the water have also fallen in love with this fantastic collection of vibes, kegal balls and the worlds first wifi camera vibrator.


Pheromones for him and her. Tempt is the new premium brand of pheromones that boost animal attraction, enhancing the users natural pheromone production to encourage more opportunities for social and sexual interaction. Hugely popular, thousands of people search Google every month to find out about more about pheromones and where to buy them. So, why not seize the opportunity to add a few more customers to your database by giving them Tempt.

Wand Essentials

Another fantastic new introduction to the Planet Earth catalogue. We fought hard to secure this hugely popular US-brand, which has seen sales skyrocket in the last few months. Wands are hugely versatile and because of that they’re seen as a preference to many more flamboyant sex toys. In addition to their all-round abilities, Wand Essential Wands come in a variety of guises, have a huge assortment of attachments and can double as conventional massagers – so no need to be embarrassed if discovered by prying eyes!

Clean Stream

Never before Clean Stream has there been such a comprehensive collection of quality at-home enema kits. Favored by adult film stars, enemas offer a safe and practical way to prepare for anal sex that is enjoyable and addictive. Clean Stream products have been designed to appeal to both men and women, giving a pleasurable way to enjoy the fresh feeling of a cleaner anus. Ideal as a cross sell to virtually every anal product.

Zeus Electrosex

You’ve probably heard about electrosex but up until now these products have been too high-end and underground with a price tag to match. Zeus brings electrosex home, ideal for people on a budget who might not be into the S&M scene. Zeus Electrosex is a fantastic plaything for men and women who are looking for an intense way to orgasm. Fun, safe and easy to use.

Pink Daisy

Personal bleaching without the harmful chemicals. Pink Daisy was originally developed as a chemical free solution for people wanting to reduce unsightly anal discoloration, but because it is so gentle to the skin men and women have begun to use this product on other intimate areas where darker patches of skin cause embarrassment and reduced confidence. Because this product uses natural ingredients it is unique in a huge global market.

Chat to us over the phone

If there are any details that you think we have missed, just pick up the phone and have a chat with us. We’re available Monday to Friday 9:00am - 5:30pm on + 44 1924 291022.