• Woman Tempt Man Pheromone Spray
Woman Tempt Man is a pheromone attraction spray designed to stimulate a response and make the wearer chemically-attractive to others.

Naturally occurring in the body pheromones are invisible odourless chemicals that travel through the air and affect human behaviour such as sexual arousal by activating receptors located in the nose.

The Woman Tempt Man formula uses pheromones that have been isolated for their potency and high success rate in attracting and engaging sexual responsiveness from men making it easier for the wearer to interact with potential sexual partners.

Sprayed on the neck and body like a perfume Tempt can be used alone or in conjunction with your favourite scent and will act as an invisible aid helping ensure the men around you are more engaged with your conversation as well as adding to your physical attraction.

The most attractive feature about Tempt is that it is completely discreet and invisible as you cannot see pheromones in action and they do not have a scent. This means you can make yourself more attractive to someone without them even knowing.

Just a few sprays every hour is all you need to keep your pheromone scent topped up to ensure maximum efficacy.

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Woman Tempt Man Pheromone Spray

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